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“We cannot achieve our goals if there are threats or acts of violence. This movement is a peaceful protest & we do not condone any acts of violence, etc. We know there will be activists working at the behest of global authoritarians & think tanks to sabotage our movement. Because of this, we must have a zero-tolerance approach to aggressive behaviour & violence.”
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Live Streamed on November 12, 2022 5:40 PM ET
Arizona Heist

Yes they are stealing Arizona and Nevada.

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Live Streamed on January 22, 2023 9:30 AM ET
Last Remake of Beau Geste(I.e., Pete Santilli Response n) + AMA

I wake to discover the shocking expose made by Pete Santilli, Roving journalist! He makes such deep and logical attacks against me and my person, come tune in and see if I have any way to extricate myself from the genius of his acute insights and intellectual dexterity.

Live Streamed on January 21, 2023 4:07 PM ET
PS Follow up on Santelli

I just got off my life feed and discovered Pete Santilli is texting me kooky angry messages. who does that remind you of? And now I remember that Lincoln Wood and Pete Santilli - have been joining forces or hanging out or something, or at least that’s what I’ve been told for a couple months. Why don’t I do a post script and address this directly quickly?

Live Streamed on January 21, 2023 3:09 PM ET
AMA going like in 5

Hey, just driving away from the reawaken America event onto the next mission. Have an hour to kill. Let’s do an AMA.

🔥 FREE PODCAST: Gen. Michael Flynn There's one thing I learned in my political persecution. The truth will come out, and it IS coming out! If there's corruption, criminal activity, and malfeasance, the American people are going to be very unforgiving!

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"...if there's corruption, criminal activity, and malfeasance, to use your words, then the American people are not -- they're going to be very unforgiving," Flynn said. "So it's better to come out sooner than later, because if it comes out later, I'm afraid that the American people will take actions into their own hands."

He spoke as amid GOP-led audits of 2020 presidential election votes in Arizona's Maricopa County and in Georgia's Fulton County.

"What I'm trying to encourage is local action has a national impact. Get involved in your communities," Flynn said. "I'm seeing more and more people get involved at the local, township, parishes, and county levels. And American people are not – they're like a pit bull right now on this ...

🔥 FREE PODCAST: Gen. Michael Flynn There's one thing I learned in my political persecution. The truth will come out, and it IS coming out! If there's corruption, criminal activity, and malfeasance, the American people are going to be very unforgiving!
💥 There's a reason democrats are losing their toupees over trying to get the audit shut down.

The astounding level of corruption in elections is just the start. Patrick Byrne joins Tore for an interview covering his new book "The Deep Rig". Patrick also describes his activist organizations, Arizona audit news, the election fraud evidence, bamboo ballots, pitiful corrupt Dims, and physical intimidation from BLM and Antifa. There's more. The Plum Island move, public involvement fighting it, the free future of America, and real plans to get us there. These two great patriots agree the weeks ahead will be historic. This discussion provides hope that good prevails over evil, and the light of truth will soon shine through.

The Deep Rig - Tore Says Interviews Patrick Byrne

💥 There's a reason democrats are losing their toupees over trying to get the audit shut down.
WeThePeople BBS Intelligence Board

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A J6 Sweep-Kick: My Testimony Reveals Why I WANTED to Testify

Many have asked me one version or another of, "Why would you voluntarily cooperate with the J6 Committee?!?!" Now that my transcript has been released, you can see for yourselves.

I knew that by telling the truth, I could drive a stake through the heart of about 2/3 of the narrative they were hoping to construct. I was not "covering" for anyone (as I understand Congressman Kinzinger has alleged?), I was just telling the truth, but I knew that when I did, they would realize that to sell a fake narrative they had to come head-on against my direct eyewitness testimony, word-for-word. I will stake my truth & credibility versus their lies & politics in front of 12 Americans any day of the week.

I suspect they figured that out. Perhaps this is why 2/3 of their narrative has been dropped.

Now ask yourself: Why has this gone on for two years, with all of them and MSM refusing to speak to the one eyewitness who will talk? What were they hoping to create by delaying speaking to me, and by delaying ...


George Orwell's prescient work 1984 foresees tyranny's need for propaganda that renders listeners incapable of critical thought, to the point that they cannot process what is in front of their eyes.


Fine illustration was given in the early minutes of the movie 1984, as we learn the daily routine of Winston (the protagonist). To a loudspeaker incessantly broadcasting statistics demonstrating Big Brother's progress in all areas of life, we witness their physical impoverishment (a colleague asking for a razor blade learns that Winston has been using the same blade for six weeks), as well as (through another colleague) Big Brother's assault on language as a way to control thought. We also witness the inability of the brainwashed to process the world they inhabit: the loudspeaker's lies about Big Brother's successes cheers up Parson while he works his way through a bowl of mush and meat-substitute. He is so indoctrinated he cannot process the reality in which he is sitting or even the food he is tasting.


Here is another situation that resembles this scene from 1984. Yesterday in the United States Senate, a British actuary presented the following information from the UK (which has excellent public health surveillance): getting vaccinated makes one somewhere between 26% and 145% more likely to die.


British data shows that all-in mortality is 26% to145% higher for vaccinated than non-vaccinated


Yet I know plenty of educated, normally sensible people, who cheerfully continue their defense of Big Brother's handling of Covid-19. They espouse their willingness to continue subjecting themselves to shots with all the alacrity of 1984's Parson, reciting statistics about Big Brother's successes while shoveling down gruel and meat-substitute with gusto.


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