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Patrick M. Byrne is the CEO of where 100% of his profits are donated. The America Project was founded to advance freedom by fighting corruption and restoring election integrity.

Patrick Byrne is the Founder and Former CEO of

Author of The Deep Rig: How Election Fraud Cost Donald J. Trump the White House, By a Man Who did not Vote for Him (or what to send friends who ask, "Why do you doubt the integrity of the 2020 Election?") by Patrick Byrne
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Behold: A Favor for Federal Employees

A lawsuit will be filed against a civilian agency of the government next week. It will be a class-action on behalf of vax-resistant federal employees of that agency.

We want cookie-cutter lawsuits against the other secretaries and directors of federal agencies. Employees of other federal agencies should spend the weekend getting familiar with the Tore Says channel on Telegram, learn about her honeycomb of open-source efforts are structured, and even create appropriate rooms for your home agencies within her channel. For example, employees of the Department of Agriculture who are interested in being part of such a strategy should spend the weekend learning about Tore's channel and setting up a safe place for themselves inside.

When the new lawsuit comes out next week, those people in the Department of Agriculture will be able to take it and with a minimum of changes (and the assistance of other cells within Tore-World), get a similar suit filed against their own secretaries and directors.

Read this "Letter to Vax-Hesitant Federals" for more details:

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